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What does APS do when a report is made? [ top ]
Investigators attempt to gather as much information as possible about the report. This may include contacting the person's care-giver(s), family member(s) and physician. If the adult appears to be endangered, an investigator will make an unannounced home visit to assess the situation and determine whether the case is substantiated.


What interventions can APS use? [ top ]
When a report is substantiated, actions can include:
  • Coordinating service providers
  • Initiating criminal actions
  • Obtaining protective orders
  • Accessing in-home services
  • Removing the perpetrator
  • Facilitating medical treatment
  • Seeking legal remedies
  • Advocacy


Who is an endangered adult? [ top ]
State law defines an endangered adult as any person 18 years or older who is:
  • Incapable of managing property or self-care because of illness, disability or other incapacity
  • Harmed or threatened with harm as a result of abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation


Who should make a report to APS? [ top ]
According to the Indiana statute, any person having reason to believe an adult is being endangered must make a report to APS or to local law enforcement. Anonymous reports are accepted.


Do I need to have proof to make a report? [ top ]
The law states that any person who has reason to believe that another person is endangered should make a report.


Will anyone know that I made a report? [ top ]
No. All reports are confidential, and the identity of the person making the report cannot be disclosed except under court order or with the explicit permission of all persons involved. Additionally, the law protects people who make good faith reports from any civil or criminal liability as a result.


How do I make a report to APS? [ top ]
  • Conctact APS at 574.235.5092
  • Fill out and print an Online Complaint Form. Once completed, mail this form to:
    Adult Protective Services
    533 N. Niles Ave.,
    South Bend, IN 46617
  • Contact the Indiana State Hotline at 800.992.6978
  • Contact your State or Local Law Enforcement
  • Contact the Eldercare Locator for out-of-state APS offices at 800.677.1116