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Permission to Cross Drainage Ditches Form

  1. St. Joseph County Drainage Board
  2. Permission to Cross Drainage Ditches
  3. (hereinafter called Company), makes Application to the St. Joseph County Drainage Board for permission to cross creeks and waterways, which are part of the St. Joseph County drainage system along the route designated by the red line on the map marked as Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part thereof and in accordance with plans and specifications shown on said exhibit. The purpose of the Application and the work to be performed there under is to:
  4. The Company agrees to restore the land, drainage ditches and other surfaces to as good as condition as they were at the commencement of the work, including backfilling of any trenches opened, and maintaining the surface which has been disturbed by the installation for a period of six (6) months after completion of said work.
  5. at its own expense to conform with any future improvements of existing or proposed legal drains upon proper request of the County Drainage Board.
  6. and the equipment and facilities connected wherewith over and across the drains or drainage right-of-way under the jurisdiction of St. Joseph County Drainage Board.
  7. The Company further agrees to notify the St. Joesph County Drainage Board or the St. Joseph County Surveyor in writing five (5) days in advance of the time of beginning of the work requested to be done under this permit, and will give the St. Joseph County Surveyor notice either by telephone or by email, the day preceding the commencement of the work herein requested.
  8. The above and foregoing Application to Cross Drainage Ditches being properly presented to the St. Joseph County Drainage Board and having been examined and considered by the members of said Board is hereby granted and approved this __________day of ___________, Year __________.
    (Internal Use Only)
  9. St. Joseph County Drainage Board Members
  10. Thomas Schlarb
    Resident Freeholder - Southeast
  11. John Linn
    Resident Freeholder - Northeast
  12. John Summers
    Resident Freeholder - Southwest
  13. Randall Matthys
    Resident Freeholder - Northwest
  14. Robert Kruszynski

    County Surveyor, Ex-Officio Member

  15. Plans and specifications hereinabove mentioned have been examined and approved the ____________day of ________________, Year __________.
    (Internal Use Only)
  16. _________________________________
    County Surveyor
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