How can I live at Portage Manor?

To find out more about becoming a resident at Portage Manor, call the Admissions Coordinator, Monday through Friday at 574-272-9100 ext 111. We can schedule a tour for you.

You must fill out our admission packet. The admissions committee will review this packet, the financial records and medical records. If the application is accepted, an overnight visit will be authorized and arranged.

visit the Portage Manor page.

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1. What is Residential Health Care?
2. How can I live at Portage Manor?
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4. What if I do my own laundry and activities?
5. What if I want to visit my friends and relatives?
6. What kinds of services are at Portage Manor?
7. Who lives at Portage Manor?
8. What documents do I need for initial consideration to live at Portage Manor?