What is a regulated drain?

A regulated drain is an open ditch, drain tile, or a combination of both under the jurisdiction of the Drainage Board.

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1. The drain on my property is not functioning, what do I need to do?
2. How can I get a hole fixed in my tile drain?
3. Can I fill in the ditch?
4. Can I control the ditch vegetation and keep my ditch bank mowed myself?
5. Can I build sheds, playground equipment etc., in the right-of-way?
6. Can I dam up or block water that flows onto my property?
7. Can I put a culvert in the ditch to cross over?
8. Can I put a fence in the Regulated Drain easement?
9. Can I put my water from my private tile into the regulated drain?
10. Why do I pay an assessment and how is the money spent?
11. Do my drainage assessments pay for the salaries of the County Surveyor’s office or the Drainage Board?
12. Does the drainage assessment go to the general fund?
13. I got a bill from a Private Ditch Association. What do I do?
14. Who is responsible to repair a tile drain or an open ditch if it is not a regulated drain?
15. What determines whether a drain is regulated or private?
16. What is a regulated drain?
17. When does a subdivision storm drain become a urban drain?
18. Who determines who pays the drainage assessment and how much they pay?
19. Who should I contact for a permit to work on a tile or open drain?