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​The GIS Department is responsible for creating and maintaining useful geographic data for the entire county.  
​All GIS Layers, in Shapefile format, are available for purchase. For pricing please contact the GIS department Email

Segments of the layers below are available for download in a shapefile format (click on each link)

Property Shapefiles
Address Points
  • Shows all of the address points within SJC
  • Last Update- February 2019
address pts Opens in new window
  • Shows all of property that was annexed and dis-annexed within SJC
  • Last Update- February 27, 2019
annexations Opens in new window
  • Shows the outline of all structures in SJC
  • Last Update- Spring 2017
Structures Opens in new window
  • Shows the boundary of all subdivisions from 1966 to present
  • Last Update- March 25, 2019
subdivisions Opens in new window
Property Parcels
  • Shows all of the property parcels created by subdivision of property split
  • Last Updated- March 2019
Property Parcels Opens in new window
  • Shows all of the zoning classifications within SJC
  • Last Update- March 25, 2019
zoning Opens in new window
Transportation Shapefiles
Road (Street Centerline)
  • Shows all segments and names of roads within SJC
  • Last Updated- March 2019
Centerline Opens in new window
  • Shows all railroad lines that pass within SJC
  • Last Updated- January 2005
railroads Opens in new window
Environmental Shapefiles
Flood Plain Boundaries
  • Shows the location of areas that are within a flood zone
  • Last Update- June 24, 2010
flood Opens in new window
  • Shows all water bodies within SJC
  • Last Update- December 31, 2008
hydro Opens in new window
  • Shows the elevation of land
  • Last Update- December 16, 2015
Boundary Shapefiles
Census Tracts
  • Shows the boundary of all census tracts within SJC
  • Last Updated- 2010
CT Opens in new window
Municipal Boundaries
  • Shows all of the city and town boundaries within SJC
  • Last Updated- January 11, 2019
Municipal Opens in new window
Survey Section Boundaries
  • Shows all section locations within SJC
  • Last Updated- December 15, 2010
sections Opens in new window
Voter Precinct Boundaries
  • Shows the locations of all voter precincts within SJC
  • Last Update- January 2019
voter precincts Opens in new window
Zip Code Boundaries
  • Shows the locations and boundaries of the zip codes within SJC
  • Last Update- June 28, 2017
zip codes Opens in new window
Survey Section Points
  • Shows the section corners within SJC
  • Last Update- September 21, 2002
Section Pts Opens in new window
Civil Township Boundaries
  • Shows the boundary lines of the 13 Townships within SJC
  • Last Update- January 5, 2005
Civil Twp