Open a Child Support Case

Effective August 2016, there is no cost to you for opening a case with the Title IV-D Child Support Program.

How to Enroll

1) Print off the State's enrollment form below and our supplemental enrollment form, there are 2 different options below based on if you already have a child support order or not. You will also need to submit the required documents from the list on the front page of the supplemental enrollment form.

     Please contact our office if you would prefer to have the forms mailed to you.

2) Submit the 2 completed forms and documents. There are multiple ways to submit them to us:

         - Drop them off to us on the 6th floor of the County-City Building at
                                                                              227 W Jefferson Blvd
                                                                              South Bend, IN 46601

         - Mail them to us at Child Support Division
                                        227 W Jefferson Blvd 6th Fl
                                        South Bend, IN 46601

         - Fax them to us at 574-235-9097