About Us

The Area Plan Commission serves the following jurisdictions:

  • St. Joseph County (unincorporated 5 digit addresses)
  • Town of Lakeville
  • Town of New Carlisle
  • Town of North Liberty
  • Town of Osceola
  • Town of Roseland

Comprehensive Planning - 

Comprehensive land use planning takes on many forms, from community-wide to corridor and area-specific plans, which include the comprehensive plans of the member jurisdictions.

Zoning -

The Commission administers the rezoning process, from the initial contact with the developer or property owner, and through the public process. The Commission, after a public hearing, provides the respective councils a recommendation on the zoning change. The Commission is also responsible for the maintenance of the official zoning map.

Subdivisions -

The Commission has exclusive control over the subdivision of land within the member jurisdictions, and has delegated that authority to a Plat Committee.

Variances/Special Uses - 

Occasionally, when a project cannot meet the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, a variance may be necessary. In other cases, certain uses are designated in the Zoning Ordinance as a Special use, and a petitioner may be required to go through the process to obtain permission for that use. This process is administered by the Area Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Code Enforcement - 

St. Joseph County has recently passed three ordinances regulating public nuisances, abandoned vehicles, and weed and rank on property. If you believe a property to be in violation of any of these ordinances, please use the online Complaint form.

Other Activities -

The Commission is also responsible for preparing text and map amendments to the zoning and subdivision ordinances. Amendments are carefully reviewed with the councils and local agencies before being introduced. The Commission staff sits on a number of committees and provides assistance to its member jurisdictions on a wide variety of land use issues.