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Business Ventures

St. Joseph County is home to some of the most successful technology, finance, educational and health-care related entities in the World. With a highly educated and trained workforce, St. Joseph County possesses the ability to provide a workforce for any business venture.

St. Joseph County is the regional leader in commercial, industrial, educational and cultural opportunities in the Northern Central Indiana and offers everything that your company, and your workforce, could desire in order to conduct a successful business operation.

Business Incentives that are available to locate or expand your business in St. Joseph County.

 Indiana Enterprise Center

IEC Site 1

The County is in the process of undertaking a major planning effort in the northwestern sector of St. Joseph County. The area master plan will be a comprehensive document that will study a variety of topics like utility systems location and capacity, land use and zoning, open space and recreational opportunities, environmental management and sustainability, and all aspects needed to facilitate development of a regional enterprise center.

Indiana Enterprise Center Master Plan

 South Bend International Airport (SBN) Freight & Logistics Project

The SBN Logistics Freight & Project is a new initiative and is a partnership between the South Bend International Airport, St. Joseph County and the City of South Bend. The purpose of the project is to study development opportunities for several hundred acres adjacent to the southwest quadrant of the South Bend International Airport. Additionally, the project will seek to integrate the South Shore (NICTD) passenger service and the Chicago South Shore freight service.

SBN Logistics Project