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1. Who is currently vendor for COBRA?
2. What is your current PEPM charge for these services?
3. Are you satisfied with the service they are providing?
4. Is the County providing as a Wellness program today?
5. How satisfied are you with the results?
6. How do you monitor the ROI?
7. Do you have a wellness budget?
8. Do you have a wellness committee?
9. Do you current have incentive based wellness programs in place?
10. Do you have a spousal carve-out program?
11. When is the last time the County did a dependent audit? Was it considered a success?
12. What transparency tools for quality and cost do your members have access to today?
13. Do you have incentive based rewards for engagement?
14. Do your employees have an online portal for enrollment, additions/deletions/changes? Does this portal provide access to tools, resources, benefits etc.?
15. Can you provide samples of current and past employee educational campaigns the County has implemented? Lunch n Learns, email blast, home delivery, webinars and seminars?
16. Can you please rank the Top 5 concerns the County has regarding their employee benefit offerings?
17. On the aggregate report, why were no claims shown for Jan and Feb 2016?
18. Can you provide the last three years of paid claims and fixed costs for the medical program? Can fixed costs be broken out by Stop-loss premiums, TPA fees, broker fees, etc.?
19. Will the proposer have the opportunity to present directly to the disinterested 3rd party?
20. If the disinterested 3rd party also provides similar consulting services as the proposer, will they assure that any and all copies of the proposer’s proprietary information is returned or destroyed?
21. P. 14 Q5: What is meant by “total project cost”? Does this refer to broker’s fee or cost of benefits package?
22. Is COBRA administration currently managed in-house, or through a third-party vendor?
23. Is FMLA currently managed in-house, or through a third-party vendor?
24. Does the County offer its members dedicated concierge/advocacy services?