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1. Are CASA Programs Known By Other Names?
2. Are there any other agencies or groups which provide the same service?
3. Can anyone be a CASA volunteer?
4. Do lawyers, judges, and social workers support CASA?
5. How does a CASA volunteer differ from a Department of Child Services Family Case Manager?
6. How does a CASA volunteer investigate a case?
7. How does the CASA volunteer relate to the child he or she represents?
8. How does the role of a CASA volunteer differ from an attorney?
9. How effective are CASA Programs?
10. How is the program regarded locally?
11. How long does a CASA volunteer remain involved with a case?
12. How many CASA Programs are there nationally?
13. How many cases on average does a CASA volunteer carry at a time?
14. How much time does a case require?
15. What is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)?
16. What is the CASA volunteer's role?
17. What is the role of the National CASA Association?
18. What training does a CASA volunteer receive?
19. Who is the "typical" CASA volunteer?