Commission Services

Provides technical assistance to owners of historic and older homes who are interested improving their residences or property based on preservation rehabilitation standards including: 

Advises on proper painting techniques
Repointing historic masonry with proper mortar mixes
Repair techniques of rotten wood with wood epoxies
Improving energy efficiency with wood storm windows

Advises owners of structures within historic districts or designated as local landmarks on the Certificate of Appropriateness application process: what information is needed to complete the application, which projects would need an application, which projects would need Commission approval.

Supports and coordinates programs to educate the community regarding preservation techniques and goals.

Serves as a library of preservation resources and research materials which the public may access during business hours.

Protects historic buildings in danger of demolition or significant remuddling through ordinances and preservation standards.

Preserves the character-defining features of an area or structure through standards, legal ordinances, and the Certificate of Appropriateness review process.

Recommends to the Common Council or the County Council local designation of buildings or sites with historic significance.

Provides guideline books for owners of buildings located within historic districts.

Researches the history of an area of buildings, districts, landscape features, and individual residences.