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  1. Fri Jul. 27

    Sunset Canoe & Campfire Enjoy paddling by the light of the setting sun and experience the serenity and wildlife of the evening river. Afterwards relax by a campfire and enjoy a s'more. Not recommended for children 3 and under. Registration and payment are required by July 24.
  2. Wed Aug. 8

    Wild Wednesdays at the Playground - Mammals Meet at he Jaffe Shelter. Examine furs, skulls and animal tracks. Find out which mammals share the parks with us!
  3. Wed Aug. 8

    Family Passport to Play: Orienteering Fun for All! Orienteering is a family-friendly fun navigation challenge that is suitable for all. As well as being educational, it also gives children a sense of adventure as they explore the park to find the markers that contain a fun nature riddle.
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