Flood Disaster of 2016

Timeline of Events

A timeline of events during the Flood Disaster of 2016 is being compiled by the respective agencies and will be posted on this page when available. A map of the flood victims is available for viewing (PDF).

SBA Loans

The SBA loan officers will conclude loans on Tuesday, September 20th at 3 p.m. After this time, SBA loans will no longer be offered to residents of Saint Joseph County. As a reminder, the state will be handling those applicants that have been denied SBA funding.

A grant up to $5,000 will be available for those who have been denied an SBA loan. The state will contact those individuals directly and will send necessary information pertaining to those grants. The Saint Joseph County Emergency Management Agency will not be filtering those grants, as they must go through the state process.

Community Restoration

The Saint Joseph County Emergency Management Agency is working diligently to restore Saint Joseph County back to its original pre-incident status. Please do not hesitate to contact Emergency Management or the Local Emergency Planning Committee with any questions/concerns and we would be happy to assist.