Area Plan Commission Members

The Commission consists of nine members, appointed to represent our six member units of government (St. Joseph County and the Towns of Lakeville, New Carlisle, North Liberty, Osceola, and Roseland). State law authorizes the establishment of plan commissions and the composition of their membership. Enabling Legislation IC 36-7-4-202.

Please note that the Area Plan Commission works similar to a jury in a court case. They are not permitted what is called ex-parte contact. Meaning petitioners and the public should not approach them about the cases they consider before they hear the case in the public hearing. Similarly, members of the Commission will abstain from participating in a petition if they have a conflict of interest. 

Member Name
Adam J. DeVon
County Council, SJC
Robert M. Hawley
Vice President & ABZA
SJC Board of County Commissioners (Citizen)
Robert Kruszynski
Executive Committee Member
Member per state law
St. Joseph County Surveyor
Molly Hannon
Member, ABZA
Replaced by Town Council
Town of New Carlisle, Town Council
Tom England
Replaced by Town Council
Town of North Liberty, Town Council
Replaced by Town Council
Town of Osceola, Town Council
Elizabeth J. McCombs
Replaced upon agreement by Lakeville & Roseland
Council on Town Affairs, Towns of Lakeville & Roseland
Brittni Gendron
Member per state law; voting member due to residency in county
County Agricultural Extension Educator
Dr. Jerry L. Thacker
Replaced upon agreement by school districts
School Corp. Superintendents, Currently PHM School District