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“To Mean to Die” is the title of a book chronicling the life and exploits of Nick Pirovolos, who is better known as Nick the Greek. Nick the Greek is self-described as an immigrant from the Island of Chios in Greece who came to America and became a notorious underworld criminal and hitman. Today, Nick Pirovolos has transformed himself from a notorious criminal and convicted felon to motivational speaker. He is the Executive Director of “Inside Out Ministries Inc.”  At 74, he travels the country as a motivational speaker using the story of his life and transformation to inspire those with similar histories to make a change in their lives.  The program was well received and sparked positive discussions among the clients that attended. 

This is just nick the greekanother way DuComb Center is keeping to its mission to enhance public safety through effective supervision. We at DuComb Center believe that effective supervision goes beyond housing clients and controlling their movements in the community. Effective supervision is offering clients the opportunity to see that real change is possible regardless of their past. We would like to thank Nick Pirovolos for coming to our facility and sharing his story with our clients.