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Clients of DuComb Center participated in the 1st Annual Book Drive sponsored by New Generation Christian Ministries of South Bend. Clients helped with several activities like setting up, cleaning up, and breaking down tents and other equipment. Clients also helped in registration, advertisement, food service and ride monitoring. New Generation Christian Ministries

Clients worked alongside several community sponsors including Alliance Sheets, Macon Concrete, Hope Nation Outreach, Save our Children, Hearts for Cancer, the Murphy family, the Crayton family, and His Glory International Ministry. 

These volunteers were able to distribute 140 book bags that day. The clients expressed a sense of excitement and fulfillment following the event. Many talked about how good it felt helping someone else in need. Giving back to the community through volunteer service projects like this are an important piece of the reentry process for our clients.  comm serv 3 (2)These activities provides a sense of belonging and encouragement which becomes a source of motivation towards continued positive reintegration.  Thanks to the event host and all the community volunteers and organizations for allowing our clients to participate in the event.