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"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give"    Kahlil Gibran

Portage Manor's Policy on Volunteering

PurposeTo ensure compliance with regulatory rules, security, and safety of residents, staff, and volunteers a orientation process has been established.
  1. All persons who volunteer at Portage Manor and who are in the facility on a regular basis and are "non-paid" will be given their orientation process prior to volunteering hours at Portage Manor.
  2. Volunteers must be free of communicable diseases as evidenced by negative TB screen per Indiana State Board of Health regulatory rules 410 IAC 16.2-5-1.4(f)(1-4) ; a two step tuberculin skin test will be administered using the Mantoux method upon volunteer application, unless contraindicated. TST can be obtained at your primary care physicians office or your local health department at your own expense. If TST is contraindicated or positive a chest x-ray within last 3 months will be required that shows no active disease process
  3. Volunteers must have a genuine caring interest in the elderly and disabled.
  4. Confidentiality, Resident Rights, and HIPPA laws/rules must be understood and followed by volunteers.
  5. Must pass a limited criminal history back ground check. Volunteers must be free of criminal charges that shows behavior that could put our residents at risk for abuse, exploitation, and any other physical/social/emotional harm.
  6. Portage Manor limits the number of volunteers at the discretion of staff on duty when volunteering on-site. There must be a 1:2 ratio of volunteer with staff; ex: if there are 2 volunteers at a given time, Portage Manor must have 1 staff member connected and readily available to said volunteer to provide oversight and instruction.
  1. A Person who inquires about volunteering on a regular basis will have a scheduled interview set up with Portage Manor's Social Service Director or his/her designee. A genuine concern for the elderly and disabled has to be apparent. Discretion will be made based on a caring and thoughtful demeanor. Priority consideration will be given to volunteers who have a skill and/or training that will better the lives of those who reside at Portage Manor.
  2. Resident's Rights will be read, explained, and signed per volunteer to acknowledge understanding and compliance.
  3. Explanation of HIPPA and Confidentiality Rules will be read, explained, and signed per volunteer to acknowledge understanding and compliance.
  4. Portage Manor's Safety Plan will be read, explained, and signed per volunteer to acknowledge understanding and compliance of safety plan.
  5. A limited criminal history check will be conducted on all Volunteers, there is a fee of $7.00 to have this record produced; the fee is the responsibility of the volunteer. The limited criminal history must be received before volunteer hours are scheduled.