Community Services

Portage Manor is committed to helping keep residents active in the facility and community and helps residents with church services, resident council and vocational rehabilitation.    

Church ServicesProtestant and Catholic services are conducted throughout the week in the Chapel (located on the 2nd floor.) See the Activity Director for the current schedule.
Facility ActivitiesWe provide an Activity Program for all Residents that wish to participate. You will receive a monthly activity calendar. Watch the bulletin board outside of the activity room for special programs and trips.
Resident Council
As a resident of Portage Manor, you are automatically a member of the Resident Council. Please plan to participate. This council gives you an active voice in the facility.
Vocational RehabilitationWe will test the resident to determine appropriate placement in a sheltered workshop situation (Goodwill, Logan Industries, etc.). If you have a Care Facilitator at Oaklawn, the Care Facilitator will need to make the referral.

Referral to Oaklawn is mandatory if deemed necessary by the medical staff. This is a requirement for residents of Portage Manor for:

  • Activities
  • Evaluation
  • Group Therapy