1. Adult Probation

    Adult Probation

  2. Archives & Records

    The Archives and Records Center provides St. Joseph County and City offices with records storage.

  3. Area Plan

    The Commission's primary activities are comprehensive planning and the administration of the zoning and subdivision process.

  4. Assessor

    The County Assessor serves as the Secretary to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.

  5. Auditor

    The Auditor is responsible for all receipts, disbursements, the development financial statements, and for the completion of the County’s annual reports for review by the State Board of Accounts.

  6. Building Department

  7. CASA

  8. Clerk

    The County Clerk provides a number of services including Ex-Officio Clerk of the Superior Court, Secretary to the County Election Board, Secretary to the County Commission on Public Records and trustee of child support collections ordered by the Court to be paid.

  9. Community Corrections

    Access helpful information and resources through the St. joseph Community Corrections department.

  10. Coroner

    The County Coroner is an independent investigative agent who has been given constitutional powers to order autopsies, toxicological examinations and can issue subpoenas for records or call witnesses.

  11. Courts

    St. Joseph County Court System includes the Circuit Court, Probate Court and Superior Court.

  12. Economic Development

    The mission of the St. Joseph County Office of Economic Development is to coordinate with public and private agencies to create a climate for growth to facilitate business and economic development throughout St. Joseph County.

  13. Emergency Management

    It is the mission of the St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency to coordinate all emergency management activities and to protect the people, property, economy and environment of St. Joseph County and its political subdivisions.

  14. GIS

    The St. Joseph County GIS Department is responsible for the coordination, computation and updating the county-wide Geographic Information System (GIS).

  15. Health Department

  16. Historic Preservation Commission

    The primary function of the Historic Preservation Commission is to identify buildings, structures, sites and objects which are architecturally or historically significant.

  17. History Museum

    The mission of the Northern Indiana Historical Society (NIHS) is to collect, preserve, interpret, exhibit, and teach the heritage of the St. Joseph River Valley Region to enrich present and future generations.

  18. Human Resources

    Human Resources has a variety of responsibilities including employee relations and benefit plans.

  19. Parks & Recreation

    St. Joseph County Parks will enrich the community and the lives of St. Joseph County residents by conserving and caring for significant natural areas, promoting understanding and stewardship of our unique natural and cultural heritage through innovative programs and services, and enhancing visitor experiences through well-maintained park facilities.

  20. Portage Manor

    Portage Manor’s mission continues into the twenty first century to offer a secure, affordable housing alternative to our older citizens and others over the age of 18 that are mentally and/or physically handicapped whose abilities and medical condition limits their independence, and requires 24 hour supervision with medications, meals, and laundry service.

  21. Prosecuting Attorney

    The primary function of the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office is to prosecute individuals charged with committing crimes in St. Joseph County.

  22. Public Works

    Responsible for planning, surveying, designing, inspecting, and maintaining public works projects, while making every effort to provide the citizens and visitors of St. Joseph County a safe and efficient means of transporting people, goods, and services.

  23. Purchasing

    The purchasing department is responsible for generating and soliciting bids for all county purchases.

  24. Purdue Extension Service of St. Joseph County

    The mission of the Purdue University Extension Service is education of Indiana citizens through the application of land-grant university research and knowledge base to develop youth and strengthen families and communities.

  25. Recorder

    The county Recorder records any instrument submitted for recording, providing it meets the essential requirements and files Uniform Commercial Code instruments and supplies copies of any instrument and certifies those copies upon request.

  26. County Police/Sheriff

    This link will take you to the website for the St. Joseph County Sheriff and the St. Joseph County Police Department.

  27. Law Enforcement Offices

    The St. Joseph County Law Enforcement Offices include Adult Probation, the Bar Association/Law Library, Community Corrections Program and Domestic Relations.

  28. Soil & Water Conservation District

    Providing guidance and education to the youth and adults of St. Joseph County and administering programs to preserve, improve, and protect soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources for future generations.

  29. Solid Waste Management District

    Learn about the Solid Waste Management District including services provided and contact information.

  30. Surveyor

    Responsible for maintaining annexation descriptions, legal surveys, section corner records, and updating section corners to state plane coordinates. The Surveyor also serves as a member of the Area Plan Commission and an Ex-Officio member of the Drainage Board.

  31. Treasurer

    Our office pledges to provide knowledgeable, efficient, friendly customer service to the citizens of St. Joseph County while responsibly handling tax monies that have been entrusted to us.

  32. Veterans Services

    St. Joseph County Veterans' Services

  33. Voter Registration

    The Voter Registration office maintains rolls of all registered voters for the county, secures polling places and creates reports and voter lists for candidates.

  34. Weights & Measures

    The weights and measures division works with all St. Joseph County buyers and sellers in commercial transactions